Student Art Contest:
+You must be a student from the Tri-Cities in grades 6 – 12.
+ Art themes should keep to the genres of: science fiction, fantasy, cyber punk, steam punk, or urban fantasy.
+Please keep art subject family friendly and appropriate.
+Submissions must include a 3×5 card with the student’s name, title of art, category for entry, and contact information. Submissions that are to be hung must be mounted, matted, or framed.
+Art categories are:

  • Oil & Acrylic
  • Pencil & Ink
  • Mixed Media,
  • Digital
  • Watercolor

+Submission deadline is Thursday February 11th, 2016. You may bring the art to the Registration Desk February 11th, after 5pm.
+ Category and Best In Show winners will be announced Sunday afternoon, during the RadCon Art Auction, at 2pm.
+All art must be picked up by February 14th, 5pm from RadCon at the Pasco Red Lion. Art that is not retrieved, or arrangements for pick up made, will be entered in the John Dalmas Auction at the next RadCon.

For more information contact RadCon’s Guest Liaison and Outreach Coordinator at