The RadCon Minion Coordinator can be contacted at:

Security Department Head can be contacted at:

Minions and Volunteers really do all the real work; the backbreaking, unnoticed and painful stuff that makes a successful Con-going experience and makes sure RadCon happens every year. Without the dozens and dozens of volunteers, RadCon couldn’t exist!

So why volunteer? Glamour, attention, brushing elbows with guests, helping the helpless Con-Goers, a chance to exercise your muscles, to prove you CAN go for 72 hours without sleep. Plus FOOD and maybe even A VOLUNTEER DISCOUNT RATE!

If you volunteer, you qualify for a special group rate which makes your experience easier on your pocket book. BUT: You can only volunteer by filling in the Volunteer’s Request Form. Even if you have helped in the past, you need to fill in the information.

So put your contact info in and we’ll find work for you. Mundane stuff like a name, working phone number, physical restrictions, etc. are always helpful. If you have a preference for doing mischief in specific departments include that too so we can find the best fit for your abilities and desires.

Of course we may just place you somewhere fun anyways :)

RadCon Volunteer Info Form