Room Party Policy

What is a party? Any event held in hotel space where:

  1. Flyers are posted
  2. Public invitations are given out (verbally or written)
  3. If ConCom or Security deems it to be a party.


    1. A member of RadCon must register the party and attend a party meeting; they are responsible to see that the rest of the rules are followed in their party.
    2. Responsible individual must not be under the influence of alcohol.
    3. If alcoholic drinks are served ALL members must show valid identification. RadCon provides Security for the purposes of checking ID’s at the entrance to the party wing. It is advised that you double check the ID’s of any member that you suspect of being underage.
    4. No alcoholic drinks outside the designated party area.
    5. Parties will only start after 6:00 P.M. and doors close at 2:00 A.M. At 3:00 A.M. all guests not registered with the hotel for that room must leave.
    6. Individual beverages must be sold at a cost no less than the sale value of the alcohol that they contain.
    7. Doors may be closed if your party is invite only; however you authorize ConCom or Security to enter the room.
    8. Comply with all hotel rules and Washington state law.
    9. It is your responsibility to contact Security should the need arise, be proactive in solving problems, ask for assistance if it is needed.
    10. Authorized ConCom and Head of Security have the right to shut down the party for any reason.

It is a privilege to hold a room party at RadCon. This can and will be revoked if the above rules are not followed. Penalties range from warnings up to and including expulsion from the Guild and revoking all future party requests. Remember the #1 rule “Don’t be a pinhead” and your party will run smoothly.

Hotel Obligations

      1. A $60 non-refundable deposit will be charged on all party hotel rooms for the entire weekend.
      2. Room must be in the party wing. If you registered a party and your room is in the wrong wing, please notify the hotel liaison as soon as possible. No parties will be allowed down the other wings. If you did not register your party prior to the event there is no guarantee you will be able to host one.
      3. The hotel will remove furniture if you would like, charges are as follows: One bed $30 All moveable furniture $60, this does not include the TV and cabinet.

Please direct all inquires regarding room parties to

Please remember to let the hotel liaison know that you’d like to host a party by emailing