Code of Conduct:

  1. Don’t be a pinhead.
  2. RadCon recommends that everyone follow the 3-2-1 rule. Everyday, aim to get three hours of sleep, 2 solid meals and 1 shower.
  3. RadCon has a long-standing relationship with the Pasco Red Lion. Please behave in a fashion that encourages them to invite us to have our convention with them again in the following years.
  4. RadCon invites guests from all over the country. They come a long way to present panels, workshops and talk with our attendees. Please treat them with respect so they return for future conventions.

Harassment and Discrimination:

RadCon is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for its members. The Code of Conduct is to provide guidance to all RadCon convention members regarding “pinhead” behaviors and consequences. It applies to all pre-con, at-con, and post-con activities that are related to RadCon.

Harassment is defined as any behavior that annoys, alarms, or threatens another person or group. This includes unwanted physical contact, following someone around a public area without their consent, or threatening to physically attack someone. Discrimination is not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or physical and/or mental disability. If someone asks you to leave them alone or tells you no, you walk away, and you do not approach them again. There is no reason for you to have any further interaction with them. We hope that all members will help to make RadCon an enjoyable experience for all by respecting the rights of all attendees while in attendance.

RadCon is prepared to deal with any violations of the code as legally, rapidly, and efficiently as possible.  RadCon reserves the right to revoke membership and eject any individual at any time from RadCon. Refunds will not be provided. Harassing or discriminating against members may result in one or several of the following consequences:

  • Verbal warning
  • Request to leave convention space for the remainder of the day,
  • A “vacation” from RadCon events for the weekend and/or the next year,
  • A banning from future RadCon events.
  • Contacting law enforcement

If you feel you have been harassed or discriminated against, please report the matter immediately to any of RadCon’s ConCom, Officers, or Security. If possible provide a badge name or name and a physical description of the person or persons involved. RadCon ConCom and Officers can be distinguished by their larger badges with color coded borders. RadCon Security wear vests and/or t-shirts that designate them as such. Helpful RadCon staff can also be found at the registration, merchandising, or information desks. The committee or staff member will notify Convention Security and/or the convention Officers.  Each concern will be addressed on a case by case basis. Please remember that we need to know about any incidents during the convention to be able to take immediate action.  Documentation regarding harassment concerns is maintained. If someone demonstrates a pattern of “pinhead behavior”, the consequences of such will become more severe.

If you have been accused of harassment and feel that the Officer or Security staff’s response was unjustified, you may personally appeal to RadCon’s ConCom at a general meeting. However, their decision is final.

If you feel that you have been the victim of criminal conduct, please notify the local police immediately and, if necessary, seek medical attention. Contact a RadCon Security staff, RadCon staff, or hotel staff if you need help seeking medical attention.

Red Lion Hotel maintains their own guidelines regarding the behavior of guests in the hotel. Violating their guidelines can result in a banning from the hotel. RadCon honors the requests of the Red Lion Hotel and their security staff to refuse service to anyone the hotel deems a potential threat to the safety of other hotel guests.




1. Please be aware that photographs, video and audio recordings occur during the convention, and that members likenesses may appear in these recordings. Purchasing a membership to RadCon constitutes an agreement by members and visiting professionals a use of their likeness for RadCon promotional material without compensation.

2. RadCon welcomes members of the press to our events! Please check in with a RadCon Officer when you arrive so we can arrange a RadCon Press Badge.

3. Please be polite and ask before taking photographs or recordings of members and attendees whenever possible. Photography and audio/video recordings for personal archival use is generally acceptable, unless an individual makes it clear that they do not wish to be photographed or recorded, in which case it becomes expressly forbidden. Please use common regarding the nature of the photographs taken. Some types of photography could be considered harassment when done without the permission of the person being photographed.

4. The usage of photographic or recording devices is prohibited in certain areas of the convention. These areas include the Film Room, Anime Room, and Art Show. If possible, please take photographs before or after a programmed event to avoid distracting panelists and audience members.