What does a RadCon Membership get you?

Lot’s of great goodies! Attend RadCon panels, see great art, weapons demonstrations, and all that our programming has to offer! But you also have the potential to for more involvement…

Contact our Minion Coordinator or a Department Head to volunteer for more than 30 hours of work and your membership entitles you to a vote at ConCom meetings! RadCon takes the ideas and opinions of it’s involved members seriously!

But remember, that’s some serious power and all geekdom knows that with great power comes great responsibility. Here some of the responsibilities of every RadCon Member:

Membership Responsibilities:

1. Don’t be a pinhead.
2. Radcon recommends that everyone follow the 3-2-1 rule. Everyday, aim to get three hours of sleep, 2 solid meals and 1 shower.
3. Radcon has a long-standing relationship with the Pasco Red Lion. Please behave in a fashion that encourages them to invite us to have our convention with them again in the following years.
4. Radcon invites guests from all over the country. They come a long way to present panels, workshops and talk with our attendees. Please treat them with respect so they return for future conventions.
5. Follow the policies outlined in the program book and on this website.

Membership fees will not be refunded if you are removed from the convention space for being a pinhead.