Room Rates

Room rates are good from Thursday night February the 12th through Sunday night February the 16th.

The Red Lion Hotel is $106.95 a night for either a single or double bed regular room. There is also a $60 non-refundable cleaning deposit per room if you host a room party. Full furniture removal is $60 per room. There are no fees for pets.

Best Western has set aside rooms for us also There is a $3.00 fee if you have more than four people in your room. Best Western is strictly a quiet hotel and you are on your own if you choose to party over there.

Pasco, Washington Red Lion 1-509-547-0701 (Red Lion has asked us to use only the 800 number for reservations)

Red Lion Reservations 1-800-325-4000

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Map to the Red Lion

Best Western, Pasco Washington (Overflow) 1-509-543-7722

Any problems, contact me ASAP via

Room Party Information

Groups planning on holding parties will need to contact the party liaison at to both register your party and to receive our rules and requirements for parties which must be followed. It is important that parties submit a Room Party Request Form with your reservation conformation number to so they can be placed in our party block. Room parties not in the designated party block will be shut down, no questions asked.

Also, please make sure you review the room party policy as you must adhere to those rules.

Room request Information

In order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible please submit a Hotel Room Information Request Form for any special needs you require. For accuracy and security all room request forms must have the reservation conformation number of the reservation in question. Red Lion has a limited amount of roll-away beds which will be made available after our programming, GOH, and dealers’ requirements that have to be met. It is important if you do not wish to be in the party wing that you submit a room request; if we do not have a request for a quiet room from we cannot guarantee in which wing you will be placed. Room request will be accepted up till January 1st but we may be able to accommodate you on a case by case basis after the dead-line. If you have any problems or questions please contact me at