At the age of ten, Dragon Dronet won a year-long scholarship to the Renaissance School of Art in Oakland, California. Ten years later he began a career in the entertainment industry in Seattle, where he shared a business designing and manufacturing costumes and honing his skills as a sci-fi artist and illustrator. He was also entering and winning science-fiction costume contests all over America. At the same time, he was studying martial arts and swordsmanship. By the time he arrived in Los Angeles in the ’80s, Dragon was not only experienced in props and costumes; he was a seasoned professional in stunts, martial arts and swords as well as a celebrity on the sci-fi convention circuit.

His expertise led to work on films and television, including Alien: Resurrection, Batman and Robin (assisting on Mr. Freeze’s suit of armor), Eraser, the Star Trek television series and films, Babylon 5, A.I. and many more.

As a twenty-year veteran stunt choreographer, stuntman and actor, Dragon Dronet not only knows how to make the props, weapons and costumes but he also knows how to use them. As a result, Dragon was hired to be one of the lead Red Army gorillas in Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. Dragon choreographed many of the fight scenes and invented the sword fighting technique used by the Red Army gorillas. He was also one of the memnon warriors in The Scorpion King and created the hero armor pieces that were worn by the scorpion king’s army. He worked on the new release of Chronicles of Riddick, making the knives and the gauntlets Vin Diesel used in the movie.

Dragon’s philosophy on life is simple: My word is my bond and integrity. The only way to truly know yourself is to follow your dreams, do your best and never give up.