A Message From Delver’s Bash:

Greetings Delvers!  The Delverbash returns to RadCon 6B with a whole new concept…TEAMS!  That’s right, the Delverbash will consist of teams of 2, bashing it out until only one team remains.  Don’t miss out on this event!

Please visit the newly updated website at www.delverbash.com for all of the details and PC generation, ask questions, like us on Facebook and visit our regularly updated blog…all on the website.  Remember, we use the Pathfinder rules system, so get your ‘Delver team’ on and get ready for some ‘bashing’!  Stay tuned for updates, because more surprises are coming!


Complete gaming schedules will be posted closer to RadCon 6B.

Other gaming tables feature:
*Car Wars
*Call of Cthulhu
*Magic The Gathering Tournaments

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