RadCon 7 (2016) Dealers and Vendors
Click here for a Dealers Application: Vendor’s Application (PDF)

When an Vendor’s Application is received it is added to the Waiting List. The Waiting List is juried for Dealers/Vendors selling items desired by RadCon members.

If and when an application is selected and space is available the Dealers Liaison will send the Dealer a Contract.

Contact the Vendor Liaison, Ed Lund, at dealers@radcon.org for any questions.

Due to local laws only registered Dealers/Vendors are allowed to Sell at RadCon, violators will be removed from the Convention and the Hotel.

All Dealers/Vendors will be in the following areas:

(RadCon 6C) Main Dealers Room:

Item Descriptions
Savage Norde Knives, Chainmail
Kiara le Fay Celtic Jewelry, Cloaks, Mini Hats, Horns, Ears, Silk Scarves, Gemstone Necklaces, Candle Jewelry
VanZee Magic Dragons!
Shared GOH Merchandise Table Catch the GOHs and their stuff here
Quicksilver Fantasies Puppets, Music CDs, Costume, Design, History/Mythology Books, Betsy Mott Art and Craft Gift Items
“The Fur Connection (Firefox)” Furs, Leather Goods, Handmade Clothing, Boots, Knives, Swords, Goggles
Digital Heroes Magic, Pokemon and other trading cards, Graphic Novels, Toys, Games, and More!
Black Cat Jewelry Jewelry: Sterling, Pewter, Crystal, and Bug. Watches, both pocket and wrist. Glass Hanging Dragons.
Damsel in this Dress
The Pen-Guins .
Infinite Frontiers Games, Books, Comics, Figurines, Misc.
SteamPunked Out
Elemental State of Mind
Cordochorea Creations Handcrafted Jewelry, Jeweled Accessories, and possibly things from Thingmaker himself.
My Gems to Your Treasures Gem Stones.
Book Universe Books
Broken Pattern hand-dyed fiber and yarn, fine woodworks and more

Dealers Wing 2 Annex:

Room #
Item Descriptions
Dark Gifts Room 2113 Fangs
Mean Kitty Wear Room 2114 Costuming, Fusion, Bellydance
Dragonfire Room 2115 Handcrafted candles, Celtic Items and More!
Infinite Frontiers Room 2116
Dancing Muse Room 2117 Dancing Muse carries boots, cloaks, costumes, corsets, and related accessories. Open late evening for your shopping convenience.
Sephor-Cronx Room 2118 Clothing and Geeky trends
Xenophile Bibliopole Room 2119 .
Attention Span Games Room 2120 Carmine RPG, and a variety of geek costuming and accessories
Adventures Underground Room 2121 Games, Dice, Dice Bags, Game Books, RPG Kits, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books, Action Figures, Anime Figures, Collectibles
Small Press Room Room 2122 Books/Merchandise from our visiting PROs and GOHs
Sunken Treasures Room 2123
Promise Land Tannery Room 2124 A variety of Real Fur Masks, Headdresses, Leather goods and Basic materials like Buckskin, Fur, Hair on Hide, Antler, Horns, Skulls and More.
Prose and Steel Room 2125 Weapons
Games Plus Room 2126 Games
Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique Room 2127 Costume accessories
Stone House Miniatures Room 2128 Miniatures
Moses Lake Muses Room 2129 .
Just Kidding Creations Room 2131

Main Dealer’s Room Times:

Room open for setup at 9:00am
Room open to attendees at 1:00 pm
Room closed to attendees at 8:00pm
Room locked by 8:30 pm

Room open for dealers at 9:00am
Room open to attendees at 10:00am
Room closed to attendees at 7:00pm
Room locked by 7:30 pm

Room open for dealers at 9:00am
Room open to attendees at 10:00am
Room closed to attendees at 2:00pm
Room emptied by 5:00 pm