5th Wall Gaming at RadCon!

From the incredibly fun 5th Wall group… Sometimes, we here at 5th Wall Gaming tend to go a bit… Well… overboard on games we run. From putting in that little extra “umph” into our events. But this.. I think we are pushing the bounds of awesome this time.. Be prepared to have a character on […]

A message from Delver’s Bash!

The Delverbash returns to RadCon 6B with a whole new concept…TEAMS! That’s right, the Delverbash will consist of teams of 2, bashing it out until only one team remains. Don’t miss out on this event! Please visit our newly updated website at www.delverbash.com for all of the details and PC generation, ask questions, like us […]

Site Update: Programming Grid

Want to see the panels and events that will be at our annual Convention? Now you can! The Programming Grid is now online! You can access it via the link from our Programming page here: Programming or directly here: http://conprogdb.radcon.org/matrix.php Remember: This schedule is tentative and may change prior to the Con.